United Fish Co.

“United Fisheries” is one of New Zealand’s largest family owned fishing companies, supplying seafood worldwide.


French photographer-retouch artist Cal Redback created a strange and somewhat frightening series of photographs.

Surreal Worlds

German artist Antoni Tudisco creates strange and surrealistic works. The colours and materials seem to shimmer and flow. It looks quite interesting.

"Slices" from Mike Campau

Mike Campau is a talented artist from Michigan. He became famous for his advertising works in well-known brands

Pure Life - Pure Water

Interesting prints from the Egyptian designer for the Nestle company. The main idea – “Pure water = pure life”

Perfect Beauty

Photographer Emily Blinko from Texas very reverently refers to beauty and order.

Perfect Alchemy Packaging

What is the relation between pasta and diamonds? In nature, diamonds originate in extremely rare conditions. The same refers to ”Pavan”,


A brand from New Zealand for one of the largest companies in the Pacific region, which deals with supplying fresh fruit and vegetables.

Minimal Fun

These funny little animals have been invented and drawn by a Brazilian studio commissioned by MART chain stores.

Lifeproof Galaxy S5

O altă lucrare excepțională a lui Mike Campau,  artist și specialist în publicitate din Michigan.

Las Muertas

A very interesting photo shoot by the photographer from Los Angeles, Tim Tadder.

Kiri sandwiches

The Agency Leo Burnett had to face a serious challenge – to make 30 pictures of sandwiches prepared in three different ways.

Hidden faces

We all know what ”face detection” is, don`t we? What if we use this technology in other purposes? This is not an official advertising campaign. The author realized it for fun.

Handmade chocolate gift

Released in limited edition, the premium class dark chocolate is packed in unique boxes to highlight the exceptional quality of the product.


These images are part of an advertising campaign for "Troller". The main idea is to show the SUVs of other manufacturers abandoned and forgotten. The idea was created by the advertising agency JWT, from Brazil.

Power Shelves

Promomedia collaborates with Gillette of Procter&Gamble, being focused upon the in-store marketing direction. The activity includes generation and implementation of shopper marketing ideas, consistent with the image and strategies accepted by the manufacturer at international level.