Power Shelves

Promomedia collaborates with Gillette of Procter&Gamble, being focused upon the in-store marketing direction. The activity includes generation and implementation of shopper marketing ideas, consistent with the image and strategies accepted by the manufacturer at international level.

Pampers Mug

A wonderful gift for Pampers from Promomedia – a branded ceramic cup for your kid. The same ceramic spoon guarantees that cookware will not cause any allergies and will not provide anything harmful to your children's health.

Nestle shop branding

Promomedia, in cooperation with Nestle Nutrition, continue to please you with a bright and sunny design. This time, there was developed the branding for the Sunny day store.

Lucky Branding

Nestle company agreed to make the brands for the Farmacia Familiei drugstores chains.

Kellogg's sampling

Promomedia and brand Kellogg's carried out the tasting of breakfast cereal for the youngest consumers.

In-store Story

Procter & Gamble is an innovative leader when it comes to its consumers through a more thoughtful relationship than the conventional advertising. At present, P&G applies a shopper marketing strategy in order to create a brand affinity.

In-store brand island

It happens when you put trade consultants, creative staff and experienced brand managers all together...

Duracell Metro Balti

Promomedia team has finally managed to implement its creative project for the Duracell brand in the Metro Balti store

Duracell Car Branding

Promomedia and Duracell set as their main objective to adorn its truck transport. The result of our work is an interesting and stylish concept that combines design and marketing.

Duracell Big Promotion

Promomedia, in collaboration with Duracell and Procter &Gamble, worked hard on developing the visual component of a great advertising campaign

Branding for children

Promomedia team helped decorate a children`s room within the Centre of Mother and Child for the Nestle Nutrition brand

Branded Shelves

Promomedia team, along with Procter&Gamble, undertook the development of unique shelves for the brand Duracell.

Brand experience with Coca Cola

"Summer is all about coming together and sharing"... The Connect campaign aimed to capture this feeling and bring it to life by utilizing the Coca-Cola assets to build a bold, simple and iconic look and feel.